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These Exhausted Resources

So a new company to launch Feb 1st was Rock Underground New York City. Their launch party was over in NYC at Snitch, it had a huge turnout and photos'll be up on their site asap. Anyway, more information about RUNYC.

Rock Underground New York City aka RUNYC Clothing

Rock Underground New York City is a manifestation of ideas constructed into concrete actions. RUNYC clothing is sought after and worn by key people in the music, arts and entertainment industries. RUNYC t-shirts and apparel are custom dyed from our own blend of various coloring solutions; the finishing touch is our special enzyme wash which gives each garment an amazing feel of comfort, softness and versatility.

Basically, what this means is RUNYC is a clothing line worn by various people in the spotlight, ranging from rappers Styles of Beyond, to rock group Linkin Park, folk singer Holly Brook, DJ Scott Coats and more.

The business itself works hand in hand with promoting upcoming artists as well as selling clothes. Feel free to look around the store - Womens and Mens

Rock Underground on MySpace.

Marianella, Juliya and that chick from Americas Next Top Model or whatever the show was

Brad Delson (Linkin Park), Billboard Awards.

Cass Dillon

DJ Cheapshot

Marianella from Fuse TV, Rude Buddah (rock group)

Ryu from Styles of Beyond (with Joel Bull, founder)

Chester from Linkin Park, Rob Bourdon of Linkin Park

DJ Scotty Coats

Jason Maloney

The Johns

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