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Urban Fashion Boo..

It's hot in herre..

urban fashion
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You MUST read these rules BEFORE submitting a picture/photo of yourself.

The rules;

1) Do NOT submit blurry or fuzzy looking photo's, period.

2) I strongly suggest that you keep your comments to yourself about other people's pictures; No bs(bullshit) will be tolerated. If you like to back talk, act stupid, immature, or talk shit to a moderator, you WILL BE BANNED. We do not, and may I repeat.. WILL NOT tolerate it. We(the moderator's) speak over all others, like it or not.

3) If you do not deal well with open criticism I suggest you do not post your picture here. You will get positive and negative feedback, so it will always be a win win/lose situation.

4) When posting more the one picture I really suggest that you use the lj-cut code.. it's very irritaiting and it takes up a lot of needed space.
If you don't know how to use the lj-cut code, read up on the lj FAQ, thanks.

-what you wore today
-what your makeup looks like
-new hair color, tattoo, piercing, etc.
-clothes/accessories you want to buy/sell
-anything else related to fashion

creator / moderator = shaeydee